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Aetna, a longtime leader in Medicare services, is a great way to cover gaps in Original Medicare’s coverage. Not only is Aetna one of the few providers to offer all 10 Medicare Supplement plans, but it also offers household discounts, nationwide coverage, and guaranteed renewal of your policy. Let’s take a closer look.

Pro Tip: Are you new to the world of Medicare supplemental insurance? Take a look at my 2023 Guide to Medigap to learn about enrollment periods, providers, and the costs entailed.

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Aetna Pros
  • 12-month rate guarantee
  • Household discounts
  • Accepted by any provider that accepts Medicare
  • All Medigap plans available
  • Guaranteed renewal
  • Fitness and health benefits

Aetna Cons
  • Not available in every state
  • No online enrollment

Aetna Company Background

Aetna is a healthcare company founded in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1853 as the Aetna Insurance Company. In 2018, it was acquired by CVS Health Corporation, and now provides a variety of health-care services and tools for individuals, employers, and people working in the health-care field. Its medical- and dental-insurance plans, Medicare and Medicaid services, and medical management provide help for an estimated 39 million people both in the United States and internationally.

FYI: Medigap policies are standardized across insurance providers. The main differentiating factor is where you live, so be sure to check out different options.

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Which Medicare Supplement Plans Does Aetna Offer?

Through Aetna, all Medicare-eligible applicants can apply for Medigap Plans A, B, D, G, K, L, M, and N. Anyone eligible for Medicare before 2020 can also apply for Medigap Plans C and F. Although Medigap offers plans in most states, the specific plans and their respective premiums will vary by state.

Here is an overview of Aetna’s Medigap plans and what they cover:

Aetna Medigap Plans

Plan APlan BPlan CPlan DPlan F*Plan G*Plan KPlan LPlan MPlan N
Medicare Part A coinsurance and coverage for hospital benefits100%100%100%100%100%100%100%100%100%$20 copay for office visits; $50 copay for ER
Medicare Part B coinsurance or copayment100%100%100%100%100%100%50%75%100%100%
Blood (first three pints)100%100%100%100%100%100%50%75%100%100%
Hospice care coinsurance or copayment100%100%100%100%100%100%50%75%100%100%
Skilled nursing facility care coinsuranceNoNo100%100%100%100%50%75%100%100%
Medicare Part A deductibleNo100%100%100%100%100%50%75%50%100%
Medicare Part B deductibleNoNo100%No100%NoNoNoNoNo
Medicare Part B excess chargesNoNoNoNo100%100%NoNoNoNo
Foreign travel emergency (up to plan limits)NoNo80%80%80%80%NoNo80%80%

*Plans F and G offer a high-deductible option that comes with lower premiums. The downside of these plans is that you must pay the deductible amount ($2,490 in 2022) before your policy covers anything.

Extra Benefits of Aetna

Since Medigap policies offer the same coverage regardless of provider, your decision likely will come down to the extra benefits offered with your policy. Here’s what Aetna offers:

Household Discounts

If two or more people in your household have a Medigap policy from Aetna, you’ll both receive a 7 percent discount on your monthly premiums. Over the course of a year (or several), it could save you a good chunk of change.

Aetna Health App

In addition to an interactive website, Aetna offers a smartphone app. The Aetna Health app is available for iPhone through the App Store and for Android through Google Play. You can view your Medical ID cards, see your plan’s benefits, and monitor the progress you have made toward your deductible. The app also allows you to view and manage your claims filed through Aetna and see your account balances. Using Aetna Health, you can find a doctor in your network, compare cost estimates for procedures, and get price estimates on medications. The app even provides personalized recommendations for you to improve your overall health.

How Much Do Aetna Medigap Plans Cost?

The cost of an Aetna Medigap Plan will vary based on your age, gender, location, and tobacco use. Here is an estimate of what you can expect to pay for each plan:

Aetna Medigap PlanEstimated Monthly Premium*
G-High Deductible$51.40

*Pricing estimates based on a 65-year-old woman living in Delaware. Prices will vary based on age, location, and other health factors.

How to Enroll in an Aetna Medigap Plan

To apply for an Aetna Medigap plan, you must be at least 65 years old, already have Medicare Parts A and B, and be continuing to pay your Part B premium. I was able to go to Aetna’s website and review options for Medigap plans. I started by selecting my state, which then directed me to a page to ask for a quote. The next page asked for my state of residence, ZIP code, date of birth, gender, and date when coverage was needed.

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After I provided this information, Aetna took me to an easy-to-read list of Medigap plans, which was broken down by plan type and included information about monthly premiums, benefits, and possible discounts. The Aetna website provides a phone number at which you can reach a licensed insurance agent to complete the enrollment process. The agents are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. On Aetna’s website, you may also request additional information via email or ask that an agent call you.

Did You Know: The Aetna Health App for iPhone stores your Medical ID card in your Apple Wallet for easy access.

Alternatives to Aetna Medigap Plans

If Aetna doesn’t seem right for you, you can explore many recommended Medigap providers. Some popular options are summarized below.

  • Cigna: Cigna is popular both in the United States and abroad. It offers Plans A, F, high-deductible F, G, and N. Cigna offers savings on a range of programs, as well as discounts for household enrollments. Cigna policies are guaranteed renewable for life, except in the event of nonpayment of fees or information misrepresentation.
  • State Farm: State Farm Medicare Supplement Insurance offers Plans A, C, D, F, G, and N. State Farm also offers a wide variety of other insurance policies, including car insurance, home insurance, and life insurance, that you can bundle together to save money.
  • Mutual of Omaha: Mutual of Omaha offers banking, financial, and insurance services. It offers plans that include a range of coverage and deductible options, including Plans A, F, G, high-deductible G, and N. Plans are guaranteed as long as premiums are met.
  • AARP: AARP is a nationally trusted organization focused on helping seniors in a variety of ways, including by providing Medigap insurance through UnitedHealthcare. AARP offers Plans A, B, C, F, G, and N, as well as Plans L and K, which are not offered by some other insurers. AARP has an easy-to-use website that includes tools such as drug-cost estimators.

Bottom Line

Health care can be tricky, even with a national system for people over age 65. Medicare Supplement plans can provide peace of mind for services not covered by Medicare Part A and Part B. There are many private health insurance companies that offer Medigap plans, including Aetna, and you can choose the coverage and premiums that work best for you based on your lifestyle and needs.

To learn more about our favorite medicare supplement plans, be sure to check out our helpful guides:

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Aetna Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Aetna have a Medigap plan?

    Aetna offers Medigap plans A, B, C, D, F, high-deductible F, G, high-deductible G, and N in the majority of the United States. Each Medigap plan covers coinsurance or copays (and sometimes both) for Part A and Part B services.

  • Are Medicare Advantage plans the same as Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans?

    Aetna offers Medicare Advantage plans, but they are not the same as Medigap plans. Medicare Advantage plans are alternatives to Medicare Part A and B, and they come with a variety of options. They are separate from the Medigap plans explored in this article.

  • When is the best time to enroll in a Medigap plan?

    There is a six-month enrollment period that starts on the first day of the month you turn 65. As long as you have signed up for Medicare Part B, you are eligible for Aetna’s Medigap plans. You may still apply for these plans after that window has closed, but your application may be denied based on questions about your medical history. During the enrollment period, these questions will not affect your eligibility.


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