Top 10 Data Entry Companies [Updated For 2023] (2023)

You might be wondering, why should you outsource data entry to an external company?

It is important to understand that organized and accurate data is the key to accelerating any business development. However, you might find it difficult to keep track of and manage your data effectively. In-house teams of data entry and data processing can be costly and the process of hiring and training new staff can be stressful and time-consuming. As a consequence, the process can leave you with little time to focus your efforts on your business’s core activities.

Outsourcing to a dependable data entry services company is the best way to ensure your data is recorded in an efficient and structured manner. A reliable data entry service partner will continue to invest in the latest relevant tools and technologies.

Enjoy peace of mind by outsourcing your data entry to a professional vendor that can authenticate and categorize your data accurately while providing up-to-date security policies and practices.

Here are the 10 best data entry outsourcing companies that may fit your specific business needs:

Top 10 Data Entry Companies [Updated For 2023] (1)

Top Data Entry Outsourcing Companies

#1 Pure Moderation – Data Entry Team

Pure Moderation provides its clients with a team of professionals who are specialized in gathering and categorizing data into their systems based on customized segmentation and analysis.

Thus, your raw data set can be presented in a way that is consistent with expectations and is meaningful to your business. In addition, organizing the data is a powerful way to generate useful insights about your products, services and customers, simply by generating both customer insights and/or market insights for review.

Pure Moderation also focuses on core pure moderation for your data entry needs and helps businesses to achieve:

  • Controllable Overhead Cost
  • Cost-Effective Options
  • Confidential Service
  • Solution Focus
  • Guarantee & Continuity

Regardless of your business type, the amount of data that needs to be managed does not present any kind of problem for Pure moderation as a data entry company. With Pure Moderation data entry service, companies can stay ahead without sacrificing much of their resources, time and expenses. To find out more about our data entry services, click here.

*For a limited time, we are also providing free consultation & trial for our data entry services. So if you are ready to scale your business, get in contact with us today!

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Other Notable Data Entry Companies

#2 Amazon Mechanical Turk

Among the many data entry companies listed in our article, Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is considered to be a little bit different. Why?

MTurk is actually a crowdsourced marketplace providing anything ranging from simple data validation and research tasks to more subjective tasks like surveys, content moderation, and so on.

It allows companies to harness the collective knowledge, skills, and insights of a global workforce to automate repetitive tasks, augment data collection and analytics, and speed up machine learning development. Businesses stand to gain several benefits through their services such as:

  • Optimize Efficiency For Workflows
  • Increase Flexibility To Get Work Done
  • Reduce Cost For Managing Resources

MTurk also makes it easy for individuals and organizations to outsource jobs or processes to a digital international workforce that can perform these tasks virtually. MTurk’s platform is popular for hiring freelancers who support data entry projects that computers are currently unable to do.

#3 AskDataEntry

Established in 2009, AskDataEntry is a data entry company based in India. The company offers a range of outsourcing data services from PDF/Excel data entry and handwritten document data entry to complex sales funnel CMS or CRM data entry services to make their client’s project a success.

Besides being a data entry outsourcing company, they also provide other key services such as

  • Data Management For Your Databases
  • E-Commerce Services For A Variety Of CMS

The company also provides a free trial to business owners prior to engaging their services, so that business owners can convey their project concerns or requirement prior to requesting a quote on their service.

#4 Computyne

Computyne is another India-based data entry company. Established in 2009, the company provides data entry, data processing, document management, and web search solutions to multiple clients in India and overseas, in the countries including UK, Canada, Europe, the USA, Australia, etc.

Their data handling services include but are not limited to

  • PDF Data Entry
  • Typing Services
  • Accounting/CRM Data Entry
  • eCommerce Data Entry
  • and more!

The company also boasts over 250+ employees who are well-versed with all the technicalities involved in data entry functions. This ensures that Computyne is able to provide valuable results and insights for your business and helps to ensure that you can still efficiently manage your resources successfully.

#5 MicroSourcing

MicroSourcing is a Philippine company established in 2006. They perform their data entry services by inputting appropriate information from a particular resource to a data management platform and generating reports on basic data analysis.

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As businesses grow, they face multiple roadblocks in coping with the increasing scale of sales or having to cope with the growth. Outsourcing to data entry companies such as Microsourcing may allow businesses to cut down on their costs, be more sustainable and channel more resources into other aspects of their operations.

The data entry company also offers you the chance to build a dedicated team in the Philippines, no matter the roles and levels of specialization you need for services related to data processing and data entry.

#6 Oworkers

If you are in the marketing looking to outsource for data entry companies, you will be no stranger to Oworkers. As one of the top data entry companies, Oworkers provides a multilingual data entry outsourcing service. Oworkers offers fully scalable and managed data entry and data processing services (data enrichment and data validation) via their own software and human resources.

Their service covers:

  • Invoices processing / Customer Orders
  • eCommerce Catalogs
  • Forms & Documents For a Variety Of Industries
  • Civil Records
  • and more!

As a data entry outsourcing company, Oworkers is also certified to be EU GDPR compliant and is an ISO 27001 certified company. Moreover, their delivery centres are situated in the best locations for outsourcing data projects at lower costs than hiring locally.

#7 Invensis

Invensis is an Indian offshore data entry company established in 2000. Invensis implements OCR and ICR technologies to maximize its own data entry process automation. They mainly focus on offline data entry such as purchasing, invoicing, and procurement to improve and enhance business efficiency for companies located globally across the US, UK, Canada, India and UAE just to name a few.

Their data entry outsourcing services include but are not limited to

  • Online/Offline Data Entry
  • Logistics Data Entry
  • Electronic Document/Document Data Entry
  • Invoice & Billing Data Entry
  • Product Data Entry
  • and more!

They are also ISO 27001 certified, which means they’re committed to ensuring that the highest levels of security are in place for all their data. In addition, they also use a secure VPN or FTP connection for their data transfer.

The company also provides unmatched round-the-clock customer support to answer all their client’s questions and keep them updated on project progress – this means as business owners you will be able to better manage your workflow and increase efficiency.

#8 Flatword Solution

Flatword Solution focuses on its diversification in Bangalore, India. They operate in 46 countries and handle a range of services like data entry, scanning, optical character recognition, data processing, and indexing. They also provide several other types of specialized services pertaining to data entry such as

  • Data Conversion
  • Data Mining
  • Data Annotation
  • Indexing & Scanning

As businesses accelerate in growth, many businesses fail to realize that accurate and organized data is an essential requirement. All small, midsize and large businesses can equally benefit from data entry services provided by Flatword Solutions.

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Engaging in such services in the long term can be a profitable decision that enables clients to always have access to error-free data or time-consuming tasks at an extremely low cost.

#9 Datatech India

Datatech India is a Delhi-based company. Established in 2004, Datatech only focuses on its data entry services in the domestic market to minimize funding for facilities.

The company understands that data entry has become a basic aspect for most businesses. Effective data entry can help meet business goals and key performance indicators (KPI). With Datatech India, the data outsourcing company is capable of providing a wide variety of essential data entry services such as

  • Data Mining
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Capturing & Processing

The company ensures a quick turnaround time for a client’s project by immediately coming up with a proposal as short as 24 hours and starting work on your business needs once the agreement is signed. The company also provides clients with flexible submission datelines to choose from, ranging from daily, weekly or even thrice per week. To learn more, visit their website today.

#10 Strong Vision Data Processing

Founded in 2016, Strong Vision Data Processing provides custom solutions for data management at the best prices to various types of companies. It has managed to win a lot of clients despite being new in the market. With their team of specialised professionals, they are able to provide different types of data entry services, such as

  • Online/Offline Data Entry
  • E-Commerce Product Data
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Listings
  • Remote Desktop Data Entry

The company also firmly believe in offering solutions that would improve efficiency, reduce costs, and allow the client to focus on their primary job. If you want a smart data entry solution, Strong Vision Data Processing is one of the data entry companies to consider in the market.

Conclusion About Picking The Right Data Entry Outsourcing Company

With our comprehensive list of data entry outsourcing companies, it can be tough to decide which best fits your business needs or specific requirements.

But if there is one major benefit to take away from outsourcing data entry companies, then it is the cost reduction in hiring someone offshore as compared to locally. And in addition to that, you are also able to delegate the repetitive, time-consuming data entry tasks to a professional external team of specialists.

To learn more about outsourcing your data entry projects and the value that a data entry company can bring your business, chat with us on our website.,As a bonus for sticking with us till the end! ContactPure Moderation for limited free consultation and trial of data entry services today.

Pure Moderation

Frequently Asked Questions About Data Entry Companies

Why Do You Need Professional Data Entry Companies?

Hiring a data entry outsourcing company allows work to be done while your in-house staff is busy with other important tasks at hand. To accommodate the challenges of scale and time, the data entry companies can significantly reduce project cycle times without sacrificing quality.

Who Is The Best Data Entry Outsourcing Company?

It wasn’t an easy task to select just these 10 data entry companies from hundreds of companies claiming to offer the best outsourcing data entry services.
Apart from the number, size, and location of its data entry specialists, we also take into account multiple factors when arriving at our list of top 10 data entry companies.
Some of these include search engine rankings, annual revenue, website credibility, customer testimon­ials, pricing model, technological proficiency, and nature of the data entry job handled.

Is BPO Considered As Data Entry?

Outsourcing data entry is also known as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a broad term that refers to all types of business-related operations that companies outsource to third parties.

What Other Services Does Pure Moderation Provide?

We also provide live chat outsourcing services, for more information, check out this page.



Which company is best for data entry? ›

List of the Top India Data Entry Companies
  • Valuenode. Project Outsourcing & Staff Augmentation. ...
  • BBC Global Services. Outsourcing for every sized organization. ...
  • Aidey. ...
  • SunTec India. ...
  • Task Virtual. ...
  • Fusion Business Solutions (P) Limited. ...
  • iSolve Technologies Europe B.V.

What is the highest pay for data entry? ›

What is the highest salary offered as Data Entry Operator? Highest reported salary offered as Data Entry Operator is ₹51lakhs. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹35lakhs per year. The top 1% earn more than a whopping ₹50lakhs per year.

Is there a future in data entry? ›

The future of data entry is largely based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. These technologies would help the data entry industry to obtain detailed information instantly to make quick decisions.

Do online data entry jobs really pay? ›

Yes you can easily earn money online from data entry jobs from $10 to $200 easily or more. It all depends upon your work and skills.

Which type of data entry is easiest? ›

Simple Data Entry

Plain data entry is your starter level. This type of job means typing data into a text file, usually Microsoft Word, and converting figures or text from a PDF into an editable document.

Which site is best for data entry jobs without investment? ›

6 Best Sites for Data Entry Jobs Without Investment
  1. Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing platform where businesses post small jobs for remote workers to complete in exchange for payment. ...
  2. Clickworker. ...
  3. TranscribeMe. ...
  4. Upwork. ...
  5. People Per Hour. ...
  6. LinkedIn.

Can we trust online data entry jobs? ›

Yes. Unlike many other jobs, data entry is very flexible as long as you have good typing skills and if you can meet the deadlines on time. How to avoid any data entry scam? Although an extremely easy job to do, it is extremely hard to find.

Is data entry still in demand? ›

Constant growth is being seen in the data industry, and many industries have filled vacancies for data entry clerks and are desperately looking for them.

Is data entry a stressful job? ›

It's not surprising that many data entry workers experience emotional stress, which can lead to anxiety and depression. In addition, the job often comes with tight deadlines, which can add to the stress. What you can do: Take breaks often to stretch and move around.

How much can you make a month on data entry? ›

While ZipRecruiter is seeing monthly salaries as high as $6,958 and as low as $1,458, the majority of salaries within the Data Entry jobs category currently range between $2,291 (25th percentile) to $4,000 (75th percentile) across the United States.

Is data entry job worth doing? ›

Data Entry jobs are an excellent way for you to make a decent amount of money and get some work experience. Some of the reasons why a data entry career is ideal for college students are: It is an extremely easy job with no advanced skills requirements.

Will AI replace data entry? ›

Our visitors have voted that it's highly likely this occupation will be replaced by robots/AI. This is further validated by the automation risk level we have generated, which suggests a 100% chance of automation.

Is data entry easy or hard? ›

Is data entry hard? It isn't difficult, but it isn't too easy either. Although “data entry” sounds technical, most of these positions are without prior knowledge. But if you're working or want to work in this field, you should consider studying how to improve or strengthen your typing abilities.

Which software is used in data entry? ›

Almost everyone is familiar with the most commonly used system that could technically be classified as "data entry software"—Microsoft Excel.

How much can I earn from data entry as a beginner? ›

1000. To navigate, press the arrow keys. Part Time Job - Earing More Than Your Business A Part Time Job Just Anyones Comfort Zone Sit, Relax ...

How to get data entry work for beginners? ›

Follow the below steps to excel in data entry job:
  1. Improve your language skills. English language skills are essential to work in data entry industry. ...
  2. Become a better typist. Good typing speed is the most important skill that is required in data entry field. ...
  3. Gain computer skills. ...
  4. Bolster your interpersonal skills.
Feb 28, 2023

Is data entry just typing? ›

Data entry professionals use computers and data processing programs to input information. Data entry job descriptions may also include transcribing data from recordings or phone conversations. While most data entry duties are handled electronically, paper documentation may be used as well, depending on the employer.

How can I be perfect in data entry? ›

Here are a few tips you may find helpful to improve your data entry skills:
  1. Enhance your current typing skills. Take note of your current typing structure and body position. ...
  2. Improve your desk space. ...
  3. Make use of online typing tools. ...
  4. Master data entry shortcuts. ...
  5. Allow time to proofread.
Sep 27, 2021

Which data entry site is real? ›

Make sure not all sites are genuine, so only register on one of the best data entry sites, which offer genuine online data entry jobs. Some platforms include Internshala, Upwork, Fiverr, Scribie, Mturk, etc. All these platforms are free and genuine.

Which is the trusted online job? ›

Graphic Designing is one of the most trusted online jobs in India that offer a good salary once you acquire enough skills.

How to earn money by data entry without investment? ›

5 best online data entry jobs without investment
  1. Freelance typing jobs for students. Hundreds of typing jobs are posted by businesses on freelancing sites every day. ...
  2. Data entry jobs with daily payment. ...
  3. Form entry work in India. ...
  4. Text processing work-from jobs. ...
  5. Part-time eBook typing.
Feb 21, 2023

How long does it take to learn data entry? ›

Data entry clerks typically get their training while on the job. In most industries, the training covers office and clerical procedures, use of computer applications, use of office equipment, best processes for organization and database usage and other technical requirements. This training may last up to one month.

How do I not get scammed in online jobs? ›

7+ Tips to Protect Yourself from a Job Scam
  1. Do an online search. ...
  2. Talk to someone you trust. ...
  3. Don't pay for the promise of a job. ...
  4. Connect with the company. ...
  5. Never agree to a wire transfer of any sort. ...
  6. Reject job offers that require no experience. ...
  7. Don't agree to provide your bank details to a potential employer.

Do employers look you up on the internet? ›

While it's important to check every account, there are some platforms hiring managers are more likely to check, such as LinkedIn. “The three main platforms that most employers check are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter,” said Matt Erhard, managing partner of Summit Search Group.

Why is data entry difficult? ›

It is not hard to be a data entry clerk.

While the position is fairly straightforward to perform, it does require significant attention to detail and consistency in repetitive tasks. A data entry clerk's main responsibility is to ensure that the organization's database is accurate and up-to-date.

Which website is safe for data entry? ›

Make sure not all sites are genuine, so only register on one of the best data entry sites, which offer genuine online data entry jobs. Some platforms include Internshala, Upwork, Fiverr, Scribie, Mturk, etc. All these platforms are free and genuine.

Is online data entry job fake or real? ›

There are numerous genuine data entry job companies out there that either hire in-house data entry professionals or outsource this to a third-party company that usually works with independent contractors or directly with full-time workers. It is easy to find a job in this sector.

How can I get data entry work easily? ›

Follow the below steps to excel in data entry job:
  1. Improve your language skills. English language skills are essential to work in data entry industry. ...
  2. Become a better typist. Good typing speed is the most important skill that is required in data entry field. ...
  3. Gain computer skills. ...
  4. Bolster your interpersonal skills.
Jun 12, 2021

How do I know if my data entry is legit? ›

Research the position and check the job description

Legitimate job postings include the company's name and contact information. If a company has an email domain from a popular email service provider rather than a company domain, that's another common sign that the job is a scam.

What is the risk of data entry? ›

Data entry errors create unreliable loan reports, leading to missed maturities, overlooked stale- dates, canceled insurance, overfunding, and other potentially costly oversights. Data entry errors are a major compliance risk.

Should we pay money for data entry jobs? ›

Data entry jobs can be a great way for people who want to work from home but still make a good income. But beware of fraudulent data entry related jobs, as they are more common than you think, and can be an emotionally and financially negative experience.

Do you have to talk to people with a data entry job? ›

As a worker in the data entry industry, you will need to communicate with employers and colleagues during your data entry projects. As customer service is a learnable skill, you can use free resources—such as articles and tutorials—that are available on the internet to learn about related skills.

Which websites are genuine for work from home? ›

Freelance websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and Guru can help you easily find online work, not only freelance work but also contractors or part-time jobs.

How hard is data entry with no experience? ›

In truth, though "data entry" sounds technical, you can get many of these jobs with no previous experience. In fact, beginner-level jobs in the data entry field are available even for those with no previous experience, though adequate keyboarding speed is a must.

Is data entry a hard skill? ›

Data entry primarily deals with hard skills above all else, so it's helpful to list those first. These are the skills that will help you with the physical act of data entry like your typing speed and any relevant software you might know.

Is data entry hard for beginners? ›

Is data entry hard? It isn't difficult, but it isn't too easy either. Although “data entry” sounds technical, most of these positions are without prior knowledge. But if you're working or want to work in this field, you should consider studying how to improve or strengthen your typing abilities.


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